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Complexion Correction Face Serum

with Sytenol®-A

a Clinically Proven Pre-Treatment for Skin

for discoloration, wrinkle and line reduction,

A True Bakuchiol

Desensitizing Serum

It's Time to get serious about Deep Lines, Crepe Skin, Correcting Hyper-pigmentation and be proactive about Delaying signs of aging!

Desensitizing Serum 

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Desensitizing Serum
A liquid oil that provides comfort to the sensitive skin. Desensitizing Serum counteracts the effects of environmental irritation and will increase the strength and vitality of the skin. Penetrates the epidermis and has cumulative effects on the skin. It should be used on any area of the face or the delicate areas surrounding the eye when topical sensitivity appears.

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