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Balancing System

The Balancing Product System is a botanical approach to controlling excess oil, calming rough inflamed problem skin and reducing blemishes/acne. The ingredients help skin return to a normal state without drying or dehydrating skin.

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Problem Skin Balancing Cleanser

A soothing, softening, exfoliating, non-drying, anti-inflammatory, botanical cleanser. (8 fl oz)

Problem Skin Balancing Toner

Completes the cleansing process. Rinses debris from the skin while helping to control bacteria. Balancing Toner encourages the growth of good flora. (8 fl oz)

Natural Comfort Soothing Skin Lotion

This soothing lotion has a triple purpose. It is used as a moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, and is non-irritating. A necessary third step in the treatment of advanced blemishing. (4 fl oz)

Blemish Control

Mild softening and soothing botanical gel that contains the benefits of chamomile to reduce inflammation and purify troubled skin. This non-drying formula disolves debris from clogged pores. The fourth step in the Balancing System. (1 fl oz)

Complete Balancing System

These 4 products address the causes for advanced blemishing. Use the Balancing System to control excessive oil, breakout and bacteria.

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