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Premiere Collection has seven ways to sooth, moisturize, and protect your skin, whether you are asleep or awake.

Night Emollient Crème

Premiere Collection Night Emollient Crème is a rich crème that contains honey and a natural blend of emollient and soothing humectant properties for dry skin. Night Emollient Crème softens as it firms even the most sensitive, dehydrated skin. Use Night Emollient Crème 2 to 3 nights a week to retain skin moisture. European cellular extracts combine with natural oils to help retain the skin’s own natural moisture. Use Night Emollient Crème three nights a week as an alternate with Intense Moisture Complex or Hydragen

Chamomile Night Crème

Chamomile Night Crème is a formula that combines the soothing benefits of Blue Chamomile and Azulene to aid dry, delicate skin or environmentally stressed skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother. Chamomile Night Crème soothes a rashy irritable skin regardless of skin type. Non-oily and fast absorbing. Use every other night as an alternative to your moisturizer or lubricant. Chamomile Night Crème can be used nightly whenever your skin is environmentally stressed (sun burn, wind burn, over-exposure to outdoor activity.) Dot Chamomile Night Crème over your face and neck. Blend gently. DO NOT RUB IN. This light weight cream absorbs on its own. (Avoid eye area.) When your skin is burned, use one drop of your Desensitizing Lotion either in or underneath the Chamomile Night Crème. All skins are environmentally stressed. If your skin is showing signs of this stress, be very faithful with the use of all Premiere Collections Cosmetic products designed to ease your skin’s irritation. 90% of skin deterioration can be attributed to environmental stress and lack of care. 10% is chronological.

Intense Moisture Complex

For excessively dry and environmentally damaged skin. With Titanium Dioxide, a natural sunscreen. Premiere Collection Intense Moisture Complex is a delicate, but concentrated daytime moisturizer. Intense Moisture Complex was designed to rehydrate, soothe and revitalize excessively dry skin. Intense Moisture Complex is alternated with Night Emollient Crème for the environmentally damaged and severely dehydrated skin. Special Note: Intense Moisture Complex contains French Botanicals, is rich in minerals and amino acids and contains a high percentage of Hyaluronic Acid. Intense Moisture Complex contains wheat germ and other ingredients to smooth, soften and penetrate damaged skin. Special soothing ingredients are Allantoin and Chamomile Extract.

Moisturizer (Oil-Free)

Liquid Oil Free Moisturizer is a light textured, non greasy moisturizer using Propyline and Blycol and Sorbitol and Octyl Palmitate, which protects the skin from sun damage. Special ingredients: Sulfate Coconate is the softening agent, Aloe Vera, the healing botanical, and wheat protein promotes a silky satin finish to the skin. It is for all those, at any age, who suffer from oil sensitivity, oily skin, acne, and/or botanical sensitivity.


Many people use products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids to reduce the appearance of fine lines, only to find out that extended use of these products results in skin that is dryer than ever. That is because, as they exfoliate, moisture is pulled into the skin by another group of substances, the most prominent of which is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). One gram of HA can attract up to 3 liters of water! The problem with the continued use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or any exfollient, is that skin cells are required to produce greater and greater amounts of HA than normal. Eventually, they simply run out of the raw material, and your skin quickly takes a turn for the dryer. We have developed Hydragen -- loaded with the raw materials needed to produce HA. And, two nutrients have been included to help the skin boost its natural production of HA. (A recent study showed that proper concentrations of these nutrients increased the amount of HA in the skin by over 450% in a matter of weeks!) Short-term moisturizers and several other natural substances shown to prevent the breakdown of HA are also included in the Hydragen component - the moisturizing component -- of the Elogen Therapeutic Skin Care System.

Lip Crème

Moisture formulated especially for the lip area to plump and smooth.

Vitamin E Stick

Moisture and Nutrients in each application Vitamin E Lip Balm Our Vitamin E infused lip conditioner can be used alone or underneath lip coloring to achieve that luscious look. Replaces moisture and protects against the elements of any season.

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