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Elogen System

The Elogen System is a three (3) step age defying system to address the major causes of the cells aging and loosing hydration. Loss of elasticity, loss of moisture, loss of collagen, combined with chronic inflammation can cause signs of your skin's aging. Improve wrinkles and overall wellness of skin.

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Elogen System

The complete Elogen System to restore your skins elasticity, moisture and collagen.


Prevent loss of elasticity with Alphagen™ - Alphagen is a skin firming, cleansing mask. Elastin is a "springy" protein found in all skin tissue. It helps skin hold its shape. As it ages, fats deposit in its folds, and begin to attract minerals which harden it. Once rigid, these protein/fat/mineral deposits crumble from frequent bending, stretching or stress. Try as they might, skin cells are not able to reproduce enough new, springy elastin to replace what has been damaged, (particularly with our diets and lifestyle) so lines and wrinkles develop. Alphagen™, the first part of the Elogen System, contains a new discovery - an amino acid which has been proven to break down and remove the mineral deposits from in between the cells. This also works as a gentle exfollient which prepares the skin for the next step.


High concentrations of a special cell-penetrating formulation of vitamin C are used to help skin cells in the production of collagen - the "glue" that holds skin together. As we age, we produce less collagen, and what we do produce is broken down by oxidation (free radicals). This is readily apparent in the wrinkled faces of long-time smokers, from sun exposure and other physical abuses. Our particular formulation of Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen. It is also one of nature's best antioxidants, protecting against free radical damage. Celagen™ is a whipped moisturizer that penetrates the skin cells and feeds them high levels of Vitamin C, helping them rebuild collagen levels. Skin is not just younger looking; it actually is firmer, less damaged and healthier. Apply a little extra around areas of high stress.


A revolutionary moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA), plus two nutrients which have been shown to greatly increase the amount of moisture in the skin. Who it is for: Age 30+ skin showing signs of fine lines, lack of radiance, and dryness. How it is used: Used alone or as part of the Elogen System. For benefits, apply to the skin immediately following the use of Alphagen and Celagen. [Avoid eye area.] Unique Ingredients: Vitamin C – One of nature’s best antioxidants to reduce the effect of free radical damage and improve overall skin color.

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