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Eye Care System

The Eye Care System focuses on fine lines, edema, dark circles and puffy eyes. Unique ingredients include Gingko, an anti-irritant to soothe irritated tissue, and caffeine that reduces signs of aging in the eye area. Improve your eye care with one or more of our specialty eye care products.

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Eye Area Cleanser

An oil-free, fragrance-free, and color-free formula for use in the eye area. Irritant free formula. (4 fl oz)

Eye Area Mask

A mask that firms, flattens delicate eye tissue, reduces under eye puffiness. (1 fl oz)

Very Special Eye Crème

Compatible with eye make-up used to soften, refine and moisturize the delicate eye area tissue. (0.5 fee l oz)

See the Delicate Firming Eye Gel page under the Premiere Collection Products

An Analgesic gel that is Natures answer to delicate eye area care with its 6 Peptide Action. (1 fl oz)​

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