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More than 30 years ago

Complete Cosmetics, Inc.


Premiere Collection Skin Care

Premiere Collection Skin Care takes a system approach to skin care.

We focus on the basic needs of your skin which is:

exfoliation, hydration, moisture, repair and protection.

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Used by Celebrities, Heiresses, Former First Ladies,

Navy Seals and you!

Experience The Premiere DIFFERENCE!

Order at CCI 800-528-1818

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The Facts:

  • Your skin is the largest organ of your body.

  • It is the hardest working organ, performing many important functions (it is your temperature gauge, it is a way you breath, it expels 78% of your body's waste, it protects the organs and circulatory system of your body from the environment, it ages 10 years beyond that of your chronological years).

  • To have healthy, well functioning skin you must daily keep your skin in a .... tranquil, calm state, exfoliate, soften, hydrate, moisturize and protect.

Premiere Collection Skin Care can help solve some of the most common problem areas:


Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, Problem Skin, Acne, Hydration, Wrinkles, lack of Firmness, and general eye care.

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