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Masking System

Daily Mask System Congested Skin

The importance of Masking (exfoliating) your excess dead skin cells increases as we age.  the longer we live, the more damage is accumulated.  Pores enlarge, fine lines become deeper, turning into wrinkles and skin lacks luster and radiance.

Premiere Collection Skin Care Masks are created to gently remove those damaged, discolored cells without drying or irritating skin.  The unique systems described are multipurpose.  Each system cleanses the skin and has it's own specific benefits.  Each system includes Massage Gel an Aloe based creamy gel that softens the hardened dead cells and prepares the skin for the mask.

Choose one of the following systems and use it each morning instead of any other cleaning product.  Results are immediate!  Your skin will change it's tone, texture and take on a youthful radiance.  Ten minutes a day, everyday keeps signs of aging away.

Massage Gel and Revitalizing Moisture Mask
An intensely moisturizing mask with cleansing and exfoliating benefits.
Price: $83.00
Massage Gel and Purifying Mask
A gentle daily cleansing, exfoliating and pore purging mask.
Price: $83.00
Massage Gel and Moisture Mask Gelee
An Aloe rich, moisture soaking cleansing and exfoliating daily mask.
Price: $78.00
Massage Gel
Use quarter size amount with warm water, press over the face and massage using small circular motions (leave on). Encapsulated in Liposome beads, Tocopherol, Aloe, Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid. Soothing, Softening and Moisturizing. (4 fl oz)
Price: $38.00
Activated Charcoal Mask
Activated Charcoal Mask
Price: $36.00
Revitalizing Moisture Mask
For dry, outdoor and abused skin. For best results; use with Massage Gel daily to soothe, Pantenol to moisturize and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) to strengthen skin and Allantoin to soothe. (2 fl oz)
Price: $45.00
Purifying Mask
For all skin types. Decongesting, Moisturizing, Cleansing and Revitalizing face treatment. For best results use with rotating Oil or Massage Gel daily. (2 fl oz)
Price: $45.00
Moisture Mask Gelee
For dry and combination skin with sensitive characteristics. Use as your morning cleanser to reduce redness, to hydrate and cleanse sensitive skin. (2 fl oz)
Price: $40.00