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Illumination Skin Defense
Age Defying, Anti-Pollution, Skin and Makeup Enhancing Creme
Price: $79.00

Illumination Skin Defense 


Illumination Skin Defense Skin Science at its Best!               
All Day.    All Night.    Prevent.    Protect.    Glow. 
A powerful pre-treatment, Age Defying, Anti Pollution, Skin and Makeup enhancer.

Three years in development this formula was inspired by the newest research about the Urban environment that accelerates the signs of skin's aging. Pollution, Nano Carbon Particles,  now known as a major cause of Premature signs of Age. The New UV.Immediate and long term benefits from the new age-defying, anti-pollution botanicals, vitamins and amino acids, plus natural anti-inflammatory ingredients filter nano particles, blur lines, brighten skin color, even blotchy uneven skin color and enhance the affects of all other treatment products. Both immediate and long term results!

 "Two weeks after surgery my skin is glowing"
My Husband looked at me up close and said,"Your skin is so smooth and it is radiant!"I give Premiere's Illumination Skin Defense an 11 on a scale of 1-10 !! "You are light years ahead, absolutely the best". D. Jordan,  Texas